• A 100% Natural Intensive Cream for problematic skin


    If you’re eczema-prone, or you just suffer from dry, itchy skin, you’ll know that it’s a real pain – quite literally.

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  • Is your skincare cream a friend or foe? 4 ingredients to avoid!


    When choosing a skincare cream or intensive moisturiser, we want it to do exactly what it says on the package, care for and moisturise our skin. Frustratingly, many skin care creams can make skin conditions worse by drying, irritating and reddening our skin, aggravating the very conditions that we are using the cream to prevent. Sound familiar?

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  • Soothe Operator!


    Looking for a natural, intensive cream for use on dry, itchy skin that’s suitable for all the family? We’ve got just the thing. Soothe Operator!

    When it comes to problematic skin (no matter what your age), finding the right intensive cream, and then incorporating a good skincare regime into your daily routine, can prevent certain conditions developing and can even reduce steroid use in those with eczema-prone skin.

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  • Advice from the Eczema Experts


    Suvex Soothe® went along to the Irish Skin Foundations “Eczema Expert – Advice for Life” morning in September to learn more about what causes eczema and how to prevent it.  We certainly learned a lot.  Here are five of the key points we picked up from the eczema experts.

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  • Eczema Scratching the Surface


    Eczema can be tough for an adult or child to cope with. It is estimated that about one in 10 people are affected by eczema at some point in their lives, so it’s worth investigating what treatments are out there. Skin specialist Bernie Fahy, talks eczema and its various treatments.

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