When choosing a skincare cream or intensive moisturiser, we want it to do exactly what it says on the package, care for and moisturise our skin. Frustratingly, many skin care creams can make skin conditions worse by drying, irritating and reddening our skin, aggravating the very conditions that we are using the cream to prevent. Sound familiar?

The next time you are choosing a skin care cream or emollient (non-cosmetic moisturiser) have a closer look at the ingredients list on the package. There are a few known skin irritants to watch out for, which surprisingly are still key ingredients in skin care creams even those which say suitable for sensitive skins, eczema and babies!

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a detergent, which means it is good at breaking up oil and grease, however it also breaks up the natural oils protecting our skin, which in turn causes irritation. SLS is a main ingredient in many Skincare staples such as Aqueous Cream and Silcocks Base. Check the ingredients before use!

Paraffin / Petroleum: Petroleum Jelly was originally found coating the bottom of oil rigs in the mid-1800s, a waste product of the oil industry. It’s water-repellent and seals the skin barrier so that moisture does not leave the skin. So while you might feel a softened skin surface, you’re actually drying out your pores by keeping out air and moisture.

Parabens: An industrially produced and naturally occurring ester. Used as a preservative, Parabens go by a long list of chemical pseudonyms, check for anything with paraben or parahydroxybenzoic in it.

Fragrance/ Perfume: Just because a product is “Suitable for Sensitive Skin” or “Dermatalogoically Tested” does not automatically mean it is fragrance free. Fragrance allergens are found in just about any cosmetic product that doesn't carry a "fragrance-free" label.

So now you know they key ingredients to avoid, do some research to find a skincare cream that will truly care for and protect your skin. A quality emollient cream is your first line defense in protecting skin and helping to prevent irritations from developing in adults, children and babies; saving you upset, time and money in the long run. An effective, irritant free emollient can soften and moisturise the skin, repair the skin barrier and help to prevent further irritation. Invest in the best one you can find and your skin will never look back.

Suvex Soothe is a 100% natural intensive emollient cream made from a soothing blend of plant butters, oils and extracts. It does not contain any skin irritants. In a recent skin test study on people with eczema prone skin it was revealed that regular use of Suvex Soothe increased skin hydration and smoothness significantly in just two weeks!

Suvex Soothe is available in Health Stores, Pharmacies and Online.

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