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100% Plant Sourced Ingredients


Suvex Soothe is a natural intensive emollient cream which has been developed to both hydrate and soothe dry, itchy and eczema prone skin whilst protecting the skin from further irritation.

Suvex Soothe is made from a soothing blend of natural plant butters, oils and extracts. Our 100% plant sourced ingredients are gentle but effective in helping to soothe eczema prone skin and are naturally steroid free. From the rainforests of Brazil to the high mountains of Chile, and the plains of Africa to the sun kissed soil of the Mediterranean, our experts have chosen the finest ingredients that care for you, your skin and your environment, whilst delivering fast, visible results.

You can be sure that Suvex Soothe contains no mineral oils, harsh preservatives or petrochemicals that can irritate the skin.

Learn more about our naturally powerful plant sourced ingredients and their skin healing properties below.

Cupuacu butter is a natural skin emollient and a key ingredient in Suvex Soothe. It is known for its high capacity to absorb water to help hydrate the skin.

Derived from the large seeds of the Cupuacu Tree in the Amazonian rain forests of Brazil, Cupuacu butter has a balanced combination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that penetrate the skin quickly. It also contains phytosterols which regulate the skins water balance at a cellular level and help to stimulate the healing process. Cupuacu is also rich in polyphenols to help combat free radicals in the skin tissues that protect and moisturise. This combination of fatty acids, phytosterols and polyphenols in Cupuacu butter helps to hydrate and deliver true healing of the skin.

Shea butter is also a natural skin emollient and has been shown in a clinical evaluation to be greater benefit than a petrolatum based emollient when both were applied twice daily.

Shea Butter has three types of active components beneficial in skin care. They are Essential Fatty Acids and plant based compounds rich in antioxidants called Polyphenolics and Triterpines, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity.

Olive extract – Olivem. Derived from olive oil it is highly moisturising and penetrates quickly through to the epithelial skin. It also has a luxurious texture so is used enhance skin care creams.

Rosehip Oil is known for its skin regenerating properties. It has two key ingredients beneficial for skin; a natural derivative of Vitamin A and essential fatty acids, both help to produce an effective regenerative action of the skin.

Rice Bran Oil is rich in Vitamin E, gamma-oryzanol (an antioxidant) and phytosterols which stimulate healing and naturally moisturising proteins.

Aloe Vera contains many minerals and vitamins which work synergistically to impart its moisturising and soothing effect in the skin.

Brown Kelp is nourishing and moisturising and helps to maintain the skins Ph balance, which can help prevent skin irritation.

Homeo-Soothe™ is extracted from brown seawood and reduces inflammatory responses and protects the skin against environmental irritants. It also has antimicrobial activity which promotes the removal of inflammatory compounds from the skin

The unique combination of these ethically sourced natural ingredients on Suvex Soothe ensures that it is gentle yet effective for dry, itchy and eczema prone skin.

Order your Suvex Soothe today and start soothing your dry, itchy and eczema prone skin, naturally.