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Our Suvex Soothe Story

Our Suvex Soothe Story


Like many parents our children have had eczema at different stages of their young lives, and we have been caught in the steroid and cortisone cream cycle to try to treat the eczema and provide some relief for our children. We spent months searching for effective eczema treatment creams, each time hoping this was the one that would help. It was through trying to soothe our own daughters’ eczema and that Suvex Soothe was born.

This is the story of our daughters’ battle with eczema and our search for treatments that would eventually allow her skin to heal. At two months old one of our daughters, developed eczema on her face, knees and arms. This was completely new to us, never having had eczema ourselves. She scratched so much it caused her skin to bleed and we resorted to using mittens day and night. By three months she developed a skin infection causing her to be hospitalised for a few days in order to allow steroids to treat the infection. This was extremely distressing for her and us as parents. Thankfully the steroids worked and she was soon back home with her sister. We continued on the cycle of using cortisone creams and emollients to try to keep her eczema under control.

The scratching had us on constant “itch watch”, it was all consuming. We found ourselves locked into a cycle of using cortisone cream regularly to calm her skin. As soon as we stopped the eczema flare ups returned. We were worried about the long term effect of using cortisone cream on her skin. Emollients we tried provided a barrier to external irritants, but also prevented the skin below from breathing so it got hot and itchy and the scratching started again. Our child was tormented by her eczema. We wanted to find another way to manage our daughter’s eczema, help to reduce the itching and allow her skin to heal properly.

As we were already in the natural health business, we were lucky to have contacts in the health world and started asking around about natural skin care creams. We tried a few which were good as moisturisers, but they did not make any difference to her eczema. Darragh then mentioned our quest to a friend Dr Cuross Bakhtiar, a qualified Chemist and Cosmetic Scientist at Harley Street. He was already working on a natural steroid free cream he was using with friends and family to help soothe eczema prone skin, he sent us a sample. We were sceptical, as other creams we had tried had not worked, however after just one application we were delighted to see how began to calm our daughters skin. The cream sank into her skin and really seemed to heal the eczema rather than just provide a barrier. We applied the cream three times a day. Gradually she began to itch less and less, we could finally call off the “itch watch” and remove her mittens during the day time, such a relief for a small baby. As the scratching gradually stopped the skin had time to heal.

Researching the ingredients, we found Dr Cuross’s formula contained many soothing ingredients including the Omega 3 rich Cupuaçu butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea butter and many more natural ingredients. Eventually the gap between eczema flair ups lengthened and we were using less and less cortisone all the time. We use Dr Cuross formulation as the first line support for eczema flair ups, only resorting to cortisone occasionally for particularly bad flair ups. Each month use of cortisone reduced further and by age three she had grown out of her eczema. Ironically its now her twin sister that has eczema which she developed at age two after her Asthma diagnosis. By then we were already familiar with Suvex Soothe and used it from the get go. We also use it as a preventative measure, applying to her usual flair up areas after showering to help keep her eczema at bay.

We were so impressed with Dr Cuross’s formula that we invested to further develop the formulation and so Suvex Soothe was born. It is dermatologically tested and naturally steroid free.

Suvex Soothe is made from 100% plant sourced ingredients and does not contain any perfume or perfume oils which can irritate eczema. It smells completely natural, like natural creams should.

Try it for yourself!

Anne Marie and Darragh Hammond