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Read what our customers say about Suvex Soothe

Read what our customers say about Suvex Soothe

"I have fierce psoriasis, I tried every cream and steroid creams to get rid of it, I must say Suvex Soothe is a miracle, it is completely gone now. My daughter has eczema I use this on her it cleared it up completely. I would definitely recommend this cream to people. Best buy ever" Sharon, Cork.


"I have used Suvex for about two months now and it's amazing, my skin has never been clearer." Manja, Wexford.


"During the cold months, my hands get very dry and even cracked, especially in between my fingers. This hurts especially when I’m trying to do work. I didn’t want to use hand creams because I found the perfume in the hand cream nearly affected my hands even worse. Suvex Soothe into Evergreen Health Store just a few months ago. I was told by the rep from Naturalife, Tara, to try it out as it said it is good for dry, sensitive skin. I bought a Tube to try it out. When I tried it first, my hands stung a little so I assumed I was having a reaction to this cream, but it was the fact my hands were so dehydrated and it wasn’t used to having such a hydrating cream on them that they hurt. After a week of drying in between my fingers thoroughly and using a small amount of Suvex Soothe, the dryness completely disappeared. The redness and the inflammation was completely gone and that was only using a small amount at a time. A tube of it lasts for a long time and you can also use it all over your body. I would highly recommend this product for anybody who suffers from dry, cracked and sensitive skin" Jessica, Evergreen Health Store, Barna.


“I have purchased your Suvex Soothe Cream again as this product is so amazing and has helped me so so much with my delicate skin conditions” Elaine, Cork.


"Suvex Soothe heals my son’s mild eczema breakouts on his arm joints and knees in a few applications, no more cortisone for us” Mark, Co. Wicklow.


"This cream is a skin is very moody and hard to please and I've tried lots of products but yours is simply the best...please don’t change its ingredients or add any extra stuff, and thank you for bringing it on the market!" Graza, Leeds, UK.


“As my 7th wedding anniversary approached, I got a patch of dermatitis on my left hand which prevented me from wearing my rings. I joked with my husband that it was the seven year itch, but I wasn’t laughing for long, as it was still hanging around a year and a half later! I had been to my GP who prescribed steroid creams, which I used when I had to, but I hated using it and it never stayed away. I’d tried a number of other hand creams, and some did ease the itch and irritation, but never got rid of the redness. I was given a sample tube of Suvex Soothe a few months ago, and I haven’t looked back. It still gets irritated sometimes but I keep a tube in my handbag and it gives me almost instant relief. The redness has finally gone away, and while it still dries out a bit sometimes, the Suvex works a treat when it does. I recommend it to friends all the time for anyone who’s got any kind of dry or irritated skin.” Karina, Co. Galway.


“Wow, after applying Suvex Soothe my daughter slept all night for the first time in months” Marie, Co. Wicklow.


Order your Suvex Soothe today and start soothing your dry, itchy and eczema prone skin naturally.